British Military Combat Parka Olive


$ 398.00 USD


This is a replication of the SAS smock of the British Special Forces. SAS stands for 'Special Air Service' and is an abbreviation for the British Army Special Forces, founded in 1941.
It mainly carries out various operational battles such as hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations. This jacket is a reproduction of the form and details of the British military as much as possible to the original, while the materials are made to suit the lives of modern times. It consists of a nylon shell and a fleece liner. It is a winter item that is very resistant to external contamination with the unique solid texture of nylon, and is water resistant The fleece is a zipper type and can be detached, so the shell or liner can be worn separately. It has a zipper from the neckline to the hem. The hood is also button-type and can be detached. The size can be adjusted by a strap inside the waist. In addition, zippers on both sides of the inside of the arm allows ventilation, and the collar part of the hood contains wires, allowing freely formable shape.

  • Shell: Nylon (Waterproof)
  • Liner: Polyester
  • There may be differences in product color due to light.
  • Made in China

Size Guide in inches - The fit is slim 

  Shoulder Chest Sleeve  Overall Length
Small 18 21 23 30
Medium 20 22 24 32
Large 22 23 25 34
X Large 24 24 26 36