Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel is a family run business spanning four generations, and this shared knowledge, care and authenticity is evident in our shirting. The brand's mills are situated in and around the city of Guimarães, Portugal, a city renowned for its quality mills and textile industry. The inspiration for Portuguese Flannel shirts comes from the surrounding region and the people that live within. By blending this traditional expertise and contemporary aesthetic, produces shirts that look and feel great whilst telling their story of Portuguese heritage.
Liber Shirt - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 138.00 USD
Teca Shirt Ecru - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 132.00 USD
Abstract Pied Poule Charcoal - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 138.00 USD
Abstract Pied Poule Brown - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 138.00 USD
OG Patchwork - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 152.00 USD
Soft Rude Shirt Grey - Shirts
Portuguese Flannel $ 165.00 USD