Alex Mill

The mission of Alex Mill is simple: to create a man's perfect uniform - a well crafted assortment of classic essentials every guy must have in his closet - the woven shirt, the classic fit jean, and T-shirt. The name Alex Mill was chosen to reinforce the brand's commitment to quality. Just like a traditional mill, they strive or superiority, craftsmanship and perfection in each piece they make. To that end, every fabric, fit, stitch, and cut is carefully considers to ensure each item is crafted to last and has plenty of character - something that only improves with wear. And to adhere to most men's desire for effortless style, all of their shirts made are to wash-and-go.

As always, Alex Mill's inspiration is drawn from the energy of NYC AND their vibrant urban surroundings. Whether it be a chaotic taxi ride, a jammed packed subway commute, or a bustling downtown restaurant, they are always getting inspired by the environment around them.