New Japanese brand Utilitees has set out to supply the very best cotton jersey, loopwheeled t-shirts. The family-owned business has over 30 years’ experience in the silk screen printing industry. Utilitees is run by Akira and Sarina Nakanishi, who also run CDK - the factory that Iron Heart uses to silkscreen printed t-shirts and other items.

It’s safe to say they have seen their fair share of high-quality cotton t-shirts pass through their doors, and they are based in Kojima, the Japanese ‘capital of denim’ and home to some of our favorite denim and other clothing brands.

All of their t-shirts are constructed from 100% combed yarn cotton which has been knitted slowly on a 1980s loopwheel machine in Wakayama. Producing the t-shirts on this machine gives them the ability to run a great range of sizes.