Easymoc has been making small-batch handsewn mocs for over a decade out of their own little workshop/garage in Lewiston, Maine USA (both for themselves, and for other brands) - and finally they felt it was time to build something special around their favorite product from their design archives. 

Their aim was to create a shoe that embodied that feeling. Timeless, but still timely. Easy, but not lazy. Classic style, and incredible quality. Simply put, they're made to be used and last a very long time.


Scout Boot Chocolate Suede Multi - Shoes/Boots
Easymoc $ 350.00 USD
Camp Chukka Trail (Brown) Crazy Horse - Shoes/Boots
Easymoc $ 270.00 USD
Scout Boot Chocolate Grizzly - Shoes/Boots
Easymoc $ 360.00 USD