US Type M-65 Field Jacket Black


$ 198.00 USD

The'M-65 field jacket' was adopted as the successor to the M-43 field jacket adopted in the 1940s and the M-50 and M-51 field jackets adopted in the 1950s. When the model change is usually 5 to 15 years, the M-65 has been used for more than 40 years. This item is the definitive reproduction version of the field jacket. The hood, which had previously been removable, was changed to a retractable type, and it was widely distributed until the advent of the ECWCS parka. This product is a little shorter in length than the original jacket, and is made with a structure that is more modern than the real one. The material is made of cotton and nylon that is almost the same as the real thing, faithfully reproducing the color and texture. TALON's brass zipper is used for the zipper.
  • 50% Cotton
  • 50% Nylon
  • There may be differences in product color due to light.
  • Made in China

Size Guide in inches

  Shoulder Chest Sleeve  Overall Length
Small 18 22 24 29
Medium 20 24 24 30
Large 21 25 25 31
X Large 22 26 26 32