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A-2 Flight Jacket Brown


$ 548.00 USD

"The A-2 flight jacket is a symbol of the US Army Air Corps, which has been adopted since 1930. The A-2 flight jacket has been improved from the previous A-1 and has been developed for functionally. Shorter length improves mobility, the front has been changed from a button to a zipper, and a flap is attached over it to prevent the entry of wind. It is said that even after the production was over, many pilots flew to the battlefield without letting go of this jacket." 
  • Fits small
  • 100% Horsehide Leather 
  • There may be differences in product color due to light.
  • Made in China

Size Guide in inches

  Shoulder Chest Sleeve  Overall Length
X Small 17 19 24 24
18 20.5 25 25
18.5 21.25 25 25
Large 19 22 26 25
X Large 19.5 22.75 27 25.5