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Travel Shell Parka Navy x Khaki


$ 540.00 USD


The Travel Shell Parka was the very first item they made for Battenwear and it stands for everything they set out to accomplish by launching the brand. It’s a jacket that’s perfect for hiking but also stylish enough to wear to a bar after the hike (which means you have one less jacket to pack for your next trip!). It has excellent construction details to help protect from the weather and allow for greater movement of the wearer. It has wonderful pockets that will store all the components you need for your next adventure. And it’s made in a fabric that has a prime position in the rich history of outdoor clothing, feels great on, and provides excellent wind- and water- resistance.

Fabric note: This 65/35 Polycotton is a classic mountain parka fabric. The composition lends a natural water resistance: when the fabric begins to get wet from rain and the cotton threads begins to swell, the polyester threads woven in the opposite direction prevent the cotton from continuing to swell, thus encouraging water to bead up and drop off. The result is a level of water resistance, and just as important, a fabric that will dry more quickly. However, please note that this fabric is not waterproof.

Hood: The hood is designed with three panels to best fit the curve of the head. At the front, there is a slight brim to shield the wearer’s eyes from rain. The hood can be adjusted loose or tight around the face via the drawstring. They use a leather stopper on the hood drawstring—they prefer leather to plastic because it ages well and compliments the fabric. 

Chin flap: The flap underneath the zipper at the neck is there to protect the sensitive skin at and under your chin from the teeth of the zipper.

Map Pocket on Back: The map pocket on the back of the Travel Shell Parka is a traditional carry over from vintage mountain parkas. Before GPS and cell phones, everyone used to hike with paper maps, and would tuck them into this back pocket for relatively easy access . . . while also allowing the map to serve as added insulation during chilly hikes. We don’t have as many paper maps in our lives as we’d like but they often use this pocket when bringing a newspaper to read on the subway.

Chest Pocket: The angle zip chest pocket is positioned to allow easy access to valuables or things you wish to keep handy without having to open up your jacket and allow in the cold.

Other body-front pockets: The three snap flap pockets on the front of the Travel Shell Parka are designed with a three dimensionality to allow as much cargo as possible.  At the waist, the pockets' back side opens up so that you can tuck your hands. Battenwear loves hand pockets.

Interior pockets: The two interior pockets are the best place to put valuables like your passport or wallet. They have snap closure flaps to keep cargo in place when you take your Parka off.

Pleated elbows: We added pleats at the elbows to allow for greater articulation of arm movement. A small but major detail in the comfort of the Parka.

Two Way Zipper: We use 2-way zippers in as many of our jackets as possible because we like how you can open the jacket from the bottom to access your belt or shirt or the interior pockets without letting a lot of cold air in. YKK is the best zipper, so that’s what they use.

Waist adjusting draw cord: This draw cord at the waist provides the ability to tighten and change the look of the jacket depending on your needs and how much/little you are planning to layer under it. 

FABRIC: 65/35 (Shell & Lining: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton)