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Open Collar Block Print Elephant Panel

Beams Plus

$ 204.00 USD

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BEAMS PLUS open color shirt featuring an oriental print. They use an original fabric called block print, which is hand-printed using a woodblock embossing method using natural materials such as plants and natural minerals as dyes. It is an item that you can feel the aging of plant dyeing by repeating wearing and washing. The pattern with its striking straight hem cutting and box silhouette is based on the 1950s store brand open collar shirt, with a modern twist on length adjustments and size specs.

This product emphasizes design and uses Indian materials.

  • -Due to the characteristics of the material, NEP (the part where the thread is partially thickened), color unevenness, print misalignment and weaving unevenness can be seen.
  • -The color, texture, and size are slightly different one by one. In addition, some distortion and wrinkles have occurred.
  • -Due to the nature of the material, if it gets wet with friction (especially when it is wet) or sweat or rain, it may discolor and transfer to other clothing, bags, or other personal items. Please note that it may transfer when layered with light-colored items or when washed with other clothes
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

MLength 28.34 / Shoulder width 18.5 / Width 22.24 / Sleeve length 9.65

LLength 29.52 / Shoulder width 19.29 / Width 24/ Sleeve length 10.23

XLLength 30.70 / Shoulder width 20.47 / Width 25 / Sleeve length 11