Limitless Merino Polo Shirt

Western Rise

$ 99.00 USD

A highly functional shirt for travel, outdoors, and every day that can be worn more and washed less. It's cut lean, tailored, and ready to move. The magic is in the unique blended Australian Merino wool knit fabric, which allows this shirt to keep up with your active life.

The Limitless Merino Polo Shirt is odor resistant, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, wrinkle resistant, and stretches in every direction to move with your body. It is truly the one shirt you can wear day-in and day-out, no matter the weather, occasion, or location.

Meticulously crafted from the yarn up to combine high performance with t-shirt comfort, this innovative shirt replaces at least three shirts in your bag. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, the Limitless Merino Polo Shirt is the perfect shirt for travel, work, outdoors, and every day.

The polo shirt, elevated.