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Fragrance - Static


$ 185.00 USD

Moving in frequency and vibrancy - the scent imitates the first moments of unspoken attraction between two people, a shimmering, unknown, ineffable vibration that both people have stepped into but not yet spoken. Corridor sought to emulate these feelings of unsaid and mysterious intimacy between strangers who have knowingly entered the same plane. 

The scent is made from layers of wood mixed with timur pepper that lives as a middle note. It’s made to be worn daily or out, for moving your body.

Static was designed over the last year with Mane, a 150 year old French perfume house. Specifically, they worked with a nose based in Paris named Alex Lee. The process began in their NY office where they described the feeling above, how it should be expressed and which raw ingredients spoke to them. The concept was sent out to their 16 in-house perfumers and 32 fragrances were sent to them - They picked two and both were made by Alex. 

As it turns out Alex, their only American perfumer, and Corridor lived in the same apartment in the East Village. Though even more strangely, they took his room to start Corridor when he moved to Paris to become a perfumer.

There are no coincidences and they believe they made something beautiful together on the 12th trial of Static and here it is for you. 


Top: Timur Pepper, Myrtle, Nutmeg

Middle: Myrrh, Olibanum, Coffee

Dry: Vetiver, Fir, Basalm

  • Made in France
  • 3.4 oz
  • AC0078