Wildsam Austin Field Guide


The gateway to the American West. Home to cosmic cowboys and pit bosses, Silicon Hills and Barton Springs. It’s a place famous for the offbeat, the wide-open, a frontier disregard for the norm. Far more than weird, its sense of possibility feels a part of the limestone strata, cut long before taglines and tee shirts. You feel this independent vibe everywhere, from taco trailers to neon shops to live music every night of the year. As hotelier Liz Lambert says, “If you grow up in Texas, and you’re a little different, all roads lead to Austin.”

Table of Contents:

  • Essentials

    Hotels picks, annual calendar, city stats and more

  • Bests

    A curated list of burgers, biergartens, cycling routes, river floats, boot-making, bat conservation and more

  • Almanac

    Timelines, how-to’s, newspaper clippings, lineups, letters, poems and other historical hearsay

  • Maps

    Hand-illustrated maps of swimming holes, dive bars, the movies, live music, trailer tacos and the bright ideas

  • Interviews

    Conversations about swimming, old motels, running a restaurant, exploring the Texas myth and more

  • Essays

    Stories about a musical legend, natural springs, the city’s darkest day and the city’s evolution


liz lambert - hotelier
john spong - journalist
evan smith - editor
steve wertheimer - club owner
paul qui - chef
todd sanders - neon artist
joe nick patoski - journalist
joshua bingaman - bootmaker
leann mueller - photographer
suzi sosa - social entrepreneur
pamela colloff - journalist
thomas henderson - athlete
laura furman - writer
michael muller - musician
leigh patterson - writer
david courtney - journalist
jack sanders - artist/builder

Illustrations - Chris Bilheimer

Type: Books

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