All Natural Slides - Oatmeal - Men's


$ 59.00 USD


Kyrgies Slides

Go low-key stylish this with their lightest and coolest pair of Kyrgies yet. The same all-natural wool from the same sustainable sources: this time they’re perfect for keeping your feet snug but still fresh on warm days.

Available in three gorgeously summery colors and lovingly handmade by their artisans in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, their Kyrgies Slides are part of a felting tradition dating back thousands of years. Made from two pieces of felt that are cut and sewn together, they’re a summertime take on our classic Tengries. Expect all the comfort, just with a looser fit and slightly thinner felt that’ll keep your feet cool. 

Wool might not sound like the perfect match for hotter days, but hear us out. Both odor resistant and moisture wicking, it’ll work a type of magic. Not only will your feet stay cool and dry — even when the temperature creeps up — but the wool will help you avoid any unpleasant odors, too. 

Are these house shoes as sustainable as the rest of the Kyrgies range? 

They’re proud to say they are! As a company, we’re concerned about what goes into the manufacturing processes of their house shoes and, as a result, onto our bodies. It’s for this very reason why all of their Kyrgies are chemical free and use vegetable tanned leather soles rather than the highly toxic chromium normally employed in the tanning process. 

Their commitment to low-impact and socially-responsible fashion doesn’t end there, though. All of their wool is sourced from small, family-owned flocks, while their factory in Kyrgyzstan pays fair wages to all its staff. They also work closely with a range of nonprofits and environmental movements to ensure our net impact is positive.