15THB21 15.7oz GTB Deep Blue Broken Selvedge Denim Jacket


$ 400.00 USD


Momotaro 15.7oz GTB Deep Blue Broken Selvedge Denim Jacket. It is woven with a right twill and a left twill side by side at a fixed width. Unbreakable denim = BROKEN DENIM is the name given to this fabric. It has the feature of looking bright blue when the color fade. Included with the jeans is a 15th anniversary bag and bandana,

・100% Zimbabwe cotton denim
・Original Deep blue indigo dyed
・Original Gold, silver, and pink selvedges denim
・15th Original fabric pocket lining
・15th Original jacquard Waist lining
・One washed

Features of Broken Denim

A unique weave that arranges right and left twill with a certain width. This weave method prevents the jeans from twisting. Since the uneven thread is used, the whiteness visible on the surface is not constant, so the color fades uniquely 

Size Chart - 38/S 40/M 42/L 44/XL 46/XXL