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Short Sleeve

Short Sleeve Indian Madras Check Panel

Beams Plus

$ 136.00 USD


BEAMS PLUS button-down shirt using traditional Madras check woven in the southeastern part of India (now Chennai). The fabric is hand-dyed, woven and sun-dried, and has a unique light texture. The pattern is based on the American button-down shirt produced in the 1960s, the armpit stitch is a narrow lock stitch (3 mm), and the overall sewing needle movement (3 cm interval) is set to 18 lines. It has become. All processes are finished by skilled craftsmen at factories in Japan. The hem on both sides has a + mark as a point, giving it an accent that is typical of Beams +

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

MLength 29.13 / Shoulder width 18/ Width 21.46 / Sleeve length 9

LLength 29.92 / Shoulder width 18.89/ Width 22.64 / Sleeve length 10

XLLength 31 / Shoulder width 19.69 / Width 23.82 / Sleeve length 11