Batik Camp Color Jacket

Beams Plus

This Beams Plus jacket has the fabric, Komatsu Matere (formerly Komatsu Seiren) diverts the wool spinning technology to the polyester spinning technology to create a thick brushed finish. In addition, "Mona Lisa" is vividly colored by advanced printing technology that controls a rich number of colors. “Mona Lisa” is a technology that was not possible with conventional inkjet printers, born from an abundance of 16.7 million colors and the advanced Komatsu Matere technology that controls them. The printed pattern is a batik print that was applied to sports coats from the 1960s. The green series reproduces those days, and the gray series is a modern color scheme. The model is based on an outdoor shirt from the 1950s and 1960s, the collar is a little compact, and the details and pockets are faithfully reproduced.

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