All Natural Tengries Oatmeal


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Tengries: Their Hippest Slipper Yet, With Vegetal Tanned Leather Soles

Handmade felt, fair trade practices, crazy cool house and office shoes for all seasons

Tengries are a sewn slipper, with a slightly different feel than the rolled felt that makes up our other models. The felt in our Tengries is softer and more pliable, so it will fit to your feet like a warm hug. This felt is cut out of a large felt sheet, then those cut pieces are sewn together by hand. Tengries are kept snug by an elastic that helps them form to your feet. so they're a snug fit. These feature high-backs, and a pull on tab.

The leather on this sole is a vegetal tanned leather that tanned without the use of toxic chromium. The result is a thicker and plusher leather that wears in nicely. We do highly discourage wearing this in any wet conditions.